About Joninn
Joninn was founded in 2010 by Jacques Jonsman, with the purpose of developing medical device products and technologies. Joninn work on its own products as well as for clients on a consultancy basis or by contract R&D.
Joninn work on projects with 1-5 product developers on a consultancy basis.

Dr. Jacques Jonsman
Dr. Jonsman has 20 years experience in innovation, product and concept development, IP, science and engineering, in both academia and industry. He has been a part of 5 company start-ups of which 2 are succesful companies today. He has filed 19 patents and patent-pending applications and published 18 scientific papers. Most of the patents are in the medical device field. He has extensive experience in bringing new technology from the initial idea to market. He has considerable expertise in microtechnologies, optics, materials and capillary microfluidics.

- Vice President Innovation & Development, Scandinavian Micro Biodevices ApS
- Partner and Co-Founder, Arcesso Technology ApS
- CBA in Business administration, AVT Business School
- Chief Technical Officer, SMB A/S (an Inverness Medical Inc. subsidiary)
- Assistant Professor, Centre for Microinstruments
- Ph.D. in Microtechnology, Technical University of Denmark
- M.Sc. in Engineering, Technical University of Denmark

Our main activity is Medical Device development, with a focus on liquid handling devices. We work on client product development projects on a consultancy basis.