Hydrophilic and hydrophobic coatings
The Century series of hydrophilic coatings are  developed specifically for low-cost single use medical devices. The coatings have some unique properties:
Hydrophilic coatings
P100 - Our standard hydrophilic coating.
             P100 Datasheet
   -   MSDS
S100 - Hydrophilic coating for hydrophobic surfaces with contact angles above 90° (PP, PE, PDMS etc.)
             S100 Datasheet
   -   MSDS
X100 - X100 is used in a mixture with P100 and S100 to make coatings with any contact angle between 10° and 45°. This is used to control the flow speed and reliability in capillary filled systems.
             X100 Datasheet
   -   MSDS
H100 - Equivalent to P100 but based on water. H100 should only be used in cases where the surface to be coated is incompatible with Isopropanol, or when water is preferred for ventilation or ecological reasons.
             H100 Datasheet
   -   MSDS
L100 - Hydrophilic coating intended for lubrication when wetted by water. 
             L100 Datasheet
   -   MSDS
New hydrophilic coatings to be launched in early 2019
K100 - Hydrophilic coating with long service life in contact with water.
V100 - Hydrophilic coating for hydrophobic surfaces. Similar to S100 but more tolerant to high air humidity. 
Both K100 and V100 are available in sample volumes.

Hydrophobic coating
A10 - Our standard hydrophobic coating.
             A10 Datasheet
   -   MSDS
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