Hydrophilic lubricating coatings
The coating gives a medical device a slippery surface when contacting water, thereby reducing
friction when the device is used inside the body.

 The coatings have some unique properties:
1.        Low friction: The coating makes the surface of the device very lubricating.
2.        Durability
: The coating remains lubricating for a long time.
3.        Shelf life
: When stored properly the coating have a functional life of 3 years.
4.        Adhesion
: The coating adheres well to most device materials.
5.        Fast activation
: The coating becomes very lubricating fast when contacting water.
6.        Timed durability
: The durability of the coating can be adjusted so the device is lubricating
             for a single use, but not for repeated uses.
7.    Simple and flexible processing:
Suitable for automated in-line production

Our standard lubricating coating
L100 - Hydrophilic coating intended for lubrication when wetted by water. 
             L100 Datasheet
   -   MSDS
Customized coatings: L100 is a compromise between; lubricity, durability, adhesion and ease of use. However, we have extensive experience tuning the properties to match the requirements of specific customer devices. Both durability and adhesion can be increased significantly by modifying the formulation and process parameters. Such modifications we do in close collaboration with our customers.

Our main activity is Medical Device development, with a focus on liquid handling devices. We work on client product development projects on a consultancy basis.

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