About us

Who is Jonnin?

Joninn is a medical device technology company dedicated to providing solutions to significant and common challenges in liquid handling medical devices. Our background is in microfluidics and single use diagnostic consumables, but over the years we have worked with wide range of devices and applications.

Our core competence is hydrophilic coatings and hydrophilic plastics.

  • We have coatings for both low contact angle and lubrication.
  • We have hydrophilic plastics that give devices a low contact angle directly after the moulding machine.
  • We have hydrophilic elastomers that makes lubricating devices directly after moulding or extrusion.

We have a range of standard products, but we can formulate a custom coating/plastic optimized for your device requirements. We have an excellent track record of meeting special requirements, and 80% of our revenue is on custom coatings and materials.

Joninn was founded in 2010 by Jacques Jonsman, with the purpose of developing medical device technologies. Joninn work on its own products as well as for clients on a consultancy basis or by contract R&D.

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