Hydrophilic plastic (lubrication)

Hydrophilic plastic (lubrication)

Our Lenistat additives are masterbatches to be mixed with regular elastomer (TPE/TPU) pellets prior to moulding or extrusion. The devices come out of the injection moulding machine or extruder fully hydrophilic and thus does not need be coated. This simplifies production and give significant cost savings.
– Lenistat Alpha is optimized for injection moulding and 2K injection moulding.
– Lenistat Beta is optimized for extrusion and co-extrusion.
The lubricating properties of the device are controlled by the concentration of Lenistat. The more Lenistat the more lubrication. Normal concentrations are 20% to 50% Lenistat. High Shore-A TPE/TPU require higher concentration Lenistat than low Shore-A TPE/TPU.

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  • Hydrophilic plastic (lubrication)



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