Terms of trade


We ship by DHL economy unless we have agreed otherwise. For larger orders we can on request use the customers DHL account. Only on very special circumstances will we ship by other companies than DHL, because they all have special forms and requirements and supporting multiple shippers is just an unacceptable administrative overload.
We aim for shipment the days after we confirm payment. In special cases this may not be possible due to vacation etc. I July and December we usually have longer shipment time due to vacation.

Payment terms

We work on prepayment terms. Only in cases where we have done business for some time and we have met in person, will we give 30 days credit.

Product warranty

We warrant that all shipped products are within specifications and have a reasonable shelf-life remaining.
We make no claim on the suitability of our products in your particular application. How you use our products and what you wish to achieve is outside our control.


If you require assistance in the use of our products, then please write us an e-mail. We are committed to our products are will gladly assist with any difficulties.
If the assistance takes long time, then we can offer to assist on an consultancy basis.

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